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SimpleSyrup, Brockton MA.

Friends & Teachers:
Paulo Delima Dvora Michael Egan
Hilary McHugh
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Images and artist work from Murano Italy
Note: Goblets above are not mine.
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December '04
Multi-colored swirling cane vases, just in time for the Holiday Season!

November '04
The Cane work continues, this challenging technique has captured my attention. a
red/white cane vase. The process of pulling the cane is quite particular, a
cylindrical shaped gather, over color, pulled at just the right temperature, with the right
skin and at the right pulling tension. Michael Egan refers to the proper starting point as"a
cherry chordial".

September '04
Working hard on my Cane technique, a successful yellow/white cane vase.

August '04
Trip to the island of Murano, Italy. Just north of Venezia, a 10 minute boat ride. Visited
hotshops and browsed the stores, some amazing hand-blown glasswork, not the least of
which are
fine goblets of all shapes and varieties (and prices!). Murano is itself, glasswork
aside, an extremely beautiful place. Old buildings in pastel colors, clean and neat, shops
behaving more like fine art galleries.
It is amazing to see the craft pursued at this level and intensity, by generations of artists in
such a compact setting. I shall return...

July '04
Managed to pull off a very-large (and very thin) black-frit optical vase. The annealer was
Love this new 'Sahara' frit, integrates nicely with darker colors and mold effects.

June '04
Cane, Cane pulls and large optical molds. Donated my optical red vase to an auction for
Winchester elementary school computer systems. It sold for $110.00, I should have bid
higher to get it back

Cane Glass weekend intensive course with Vermont glassblower Michael Egan. The process
of 'pulling' cane from a solid, then using the
cane rods. Very work intensive process, results
can be stunning. The technique allows for incredibly crisp coloration and patterns, even for
a large blown piece. The 'Ballantini' cane is
one example of an intricate cane pattern
worked into a bowl

May '04
My first bench session with a hired assistant! In this case, Max was kind enough to assist. It
was a long and productive session, including a production run that produced some
beauties, including
a black rose! Focused once more on multi-gather large vases with a
combination of some inner color, and a criss-cross pattern laced on top of that, for
purple/red over yellow.. In some cases, trapped air bubbles were welcome, in
other cases, not. Notice the
small trapped air-bubbles laced into the red swirl on the
bottom of the red vase.
Experimented with
Chihuly-esque freeform vases, where the opening is 'loose', achieved a
reasonable instance with a
large purple optical mold swirl.

April '04
Working on large (3-gather) vases with inner/outer color layers and optical effects. For
example: a
large green criss-cross pattern laced over a yellow frit bubble, then shaped into
a vase with flat opening. In other instances the third gather is taken over a coarse optical
mold and bubbles are 'trapped'.

March '04
Working on large optical vases for Georgie's 1st Communion in May. A difficult challenge to
pull the glass neck from the Optical mold form while still maintaining a large enough opening
at the 'shoulder' (where the jacks are during the 'pull'). This technique is clearly ahead of my
skill level

February '04
Valentine's Roses for Maria! My best glass work to commemorate the World's Greatest Mom!
Glass roses made by quickly 'pinching' the petals while a solid gather is still very hot. For
color Roses, a clear gather is taken over a smaller color gather, adding to the complexity of
the heat dynamics. Now have an excuse to buy some pink and violet frit

January '04
Intensive 2-day session w/Paulo and Chris @SimpleSyrup. Pushing new envelope, relative to
level of experience, and ventured into bowls and double-mold coloring. The latter is a really
nice technique whereby an optical mold is applied followed by color, then 'twisted' on the
marver creating a color spiral effect. This is repeated with an opposite twist to create a
reticello-like effect (sans air-bubbles), I'm calling this the "Criss-Cross" pattern.
bowl technique is challenging, forcing greater control of the expansion of the hot
piece. For bowls a special kind of Jacks is used, called
"Parchoffi" these have broad wooden
tips to help apply correct pressure to a spinning bowl. As with all glassblowing tools,
parchoffis have not changed in centuries.

Also had a chance to experiment with
Silver leaf, like Gold-leaf, a very thin sliver of the
metal is integrated into the glass and creates quite an effect, particularly against a black
color background.
Multi-color swirling Cane
Red/White cane
Tall Sahara twist-style vase
Sahara frit bowl
Sahara White Vase
Tall White&Black Vase
Large Blue&White Vase
Blue Cane Bowl & Vase
Ballantini Cane Vase
Close-up of color lines
Cane pulling w/Michael Egan
Freeform purple swirl
Purple X-Cross over Yellow
Yellow/White Cane vase
Large Green/Yellow x-cross vase, w/++Zoom
White vase
Red swirl optical mold vase
Criss-Cross pattern bowls: White and Blue
Multi-color swirling can vase
Green faux-reticello laced over yellow frit
1st Communion Vase
Roses for Valentine's Day
Gwen's yellow vase w/Lilacs
Large Yellow/Green Vase
Purple X-Cross vase
Purple Plate
Green faux-reticello over clear w/bubbles
Black Rose in Olive Oil Vase
VLarge Black Frit Vase
Silver Leaf
applied to cup
w/Black color
Yellow Frit
Cane Rods